Summer hairstyles 2018Summer hairstyles 2018How to choose a perfect hairstyle?

The heat and humidity might offer various challenges, but summer hairstyles 2018 still feature some of the easiest, loveliest and more creative hair looks all year long. You don’t want to complicate matters because a little frizz could find its way into your mane, so the simple hairdos that hold up to the searing heat are the best ones to copy. Super long or cropped and cute or mid-length in between, you can nail the perfect summertime image.

Summer hairstyles for short hair

Just because you’re sporting a pixie cut or one that is boyishly short does not mean you can’t get sassy or creative with your look. Summer hairstyles for short hair dominate the beauty pages. For example, to get extra oomph and lift at the roots, try rubbing a little styling wax between your palms and then twisting and molding small sections of hair with your fingers. Set the look with a blast of cold air from your blow-dryer.

Summer hair colors

One of the quickest ways to add instant pizazz and make your summertime hair a modern masterpiece is through carefully selected dyes. Summer hair colors will dramatically transform your image, especially if you dare to choose vivid hues from the rainbow like red, blue, green or orange.

Short hair can handle the edge, trend, naughty dare or classic appeal because its simple length allows for a variety of playful techniques, textures and tones.

How to dress for summer?

Both women and men enjoy those hot sultry days and evenings when clothing can be lighter, sheerer and full of bright, happy colors. You don’t have to have a degree in high fashion to know how to dress for summer. White, cream or ivory pieces are gorgeous in the heat, and the color shows off a tan to perfection.

Cotton and linen fabrics are a smart choice for their cooling comfort. Crochet is another fabric style that always plays right in the summer season. Jewelry in turquoise and coral look extra pretty during those hot breezy days.

Summer makeup tips:

You don’t want to clog the pores and produce a shiny face, neck and decollete during those hot, humid days. Skin care experts advise following these easy summer makeup tips:

Go light with moisturizer, and instead of a heavy foundation, try a tinted BB cream. Mascara and lip gloss are a must because they add a welcome balance to your features. A pearly pink cheek highlighter looks amazing. Lightly set your face with a loose powder, and carry blotting papers if you feel an oily shine developing. Eye shadows in powder form last longer in the heat.

Summertime is the most enjoyable season for many. It’s simple to look pretty and cool; don’t try for perfection. Go lighter with makeup, dress in glam white pieces, and keep your hair looking uncomplicated.

A low ponytail, chic messy bun, braids, tousled spikes, bobby pinned do or slicked back sexy all make for the ultimate summer hairstyles 2018.