Short hair trends 2018Short hair has long been fashionable. Today, short hair trends 2018 are more popular than ever. People want hair that doesn’t get in their way when they work. They also want to be able to get their hair ready in the morning and then run out the door the second they need to catch a bus. When looking at such trends today, several things stand out.

Color Is Important

One of the most important aspects of short hair color ideas today is the use of color. Many people want short hair that stands out in some way. They look for bright, vivid colors that can help add some much wanted color to any outfit. A single strand of purple or deep green may be ideal. Even a hint of a color like red is very much on point.

Bangs are Popular

Another aspect of today’s short hair are bangs. Short hair with bangs is also quite common. Many women love being able to have bangs that are easy to care for and yet still project a sense of their own personal style at the same time. They also love that it’s possible to trim the bangs closely or let them grow longer for a highly individualistic style.

Short hair trends 2018A Layered Look

Layering has also been highly popular over the last few years. A shorter look is one that can also be very easy to maintain while still keeping volume and adding drama. Short hair with layers also works with many kinds of outfits. Any person can use this look for a day at work and important meetings with clients. The same look also works later in the day when a person wants to head out with friends for a night on the town and time at the latest clubs. It works with short outfits, more formal ballgowns and just about any kind of clothing and accessories in between.

Trends Will Continue

When looking to the future, short hair trends 2018 will continue to be part of the fashion scene. Many people love hair that does not require a lot of attention each day. They also love being able to go out on a hot day and not worry about being too warm because their hair is too long. Those who watch fashion closely expect that many designers will to continue to show many models with all kinds of interesting short hair designs on the runway.