Prom hairstyles 2018Prom is every teenage girl’s biggest night. Prom hairstyles 2018 are a key part of your prom look. The style should compliment your dress, the color should flatter your skin tone and makeup, and the accessories should be the perfect finishing touch. Although the dress is often considered to be the most important part of a girl’s prom, having the right hairstyle is crucial.


When thinking about a hairstyle for prom, consider the length of your hair, and how the style will need to stay in place for several hours. Whatever style you choose, be careful to secure it with hairspray and pins, so that it won’t fall apart during the big night. If you have very long hair, an up-do or a half-up style are two good options. With short or medium length hair, there are many style options, although some styles work better with longer hair. Chignons, slicked-back styles, and crown braids are great for short and medium length hair. For longer locks, a French side braid with curled ends is an easy but elegant style, and a teased up-do is another cool option. However, there are many other beautiful hairstyles that can be found with a quick Internet search, or by looking through beauty magazines.

Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom makeup is almost as important as having the right dress. It should compliment your beauty, without distracting from your features. Subtle neutral tones for your eyeshadow and eyeliner can work well for anyone, but if you’re going for a bold look, dramatic winged eyeliner and a bright lip color might be a good choice. A deep red lipstick is always a classic, and looks great when paired with a silver, black, or red dress.

How to Choose the Right Prom Dress

Choosing the right dress is one of the most difficult parts of planning for your prom. But with some inspiration and lots of browsing, it can be easier to figure out what you want.

First, keep a price point in mind. If you know you don’t have a huge budget, don’t browse dresses that cost hundreds – it’s a waste of time that’ll prevent you from finding your perfect dress.

Unless you have an exact idea of what you’re looking for in a dress – which most girls don’t – start by browsing. Looking at lots of dresses can help you determine what you like and don’t like. Catalogs, magazines, stores, and online stores allow you to browse dresses. Pick a color or two that you like best, and from there, you can look for what type of dress you prefer – strapless, sleeveless, mermaid style…the options are endless! Once you’ve narrowed your options down to a few dresses, and if it’s possible, try them on until you know which one you want. If you can’t try them on, order the one you like best as soon as possible, so you can return it if you don’t like it. When you finally have a dress you love, it’s time to figure out all the other details.

Best Prom Hairstyles 2018Best Prom Hair Color

If you’re planning on dyeing your hair a new color for prom, consider a few things before you decide. If you’re a brunette planning on going blonde for prom, be sure that a hairdresser or stylist is doing the color change for you – bleaching your hair yourself is never a safe option, especially if it’s close to prom day! Damage can occur when using bleach to lighten hair, but a proper hairdresser can do it safely. If you’re into bold and bright colors such as pinks or blues, make sure that the color won’t clash with the color of your dress.

Whatever color you’re thinking of trying – whether it’s brown, blonde, or neon – be sure to do it with at least a week left before your prom. If you hate it, you’ll have enough time to do an emergency color change before your big night.

Prom Hair Accessories

Choosing the right accessories for your prom hairstyle is just as important as the hairstyle itself. Once you know what hairstyle you like, it’s easy to figure out what hair accessories can work with the style. Simple jeweled bobby pins are perfect for placing into chignons, buns, and up-do’s. If you prefer something bolder, a sparkly clip is great for holding braids in place. A jeweled headband is great for up-do’s, and adds a beautiful feminine touch. Whatever hair accessory you choose, make sure it’s one you really like, and that it will work with the style you’re planning to wear.

Prom hairstyles 2018 are obviously a huge part of planning for your big night, and there are many other details to figure out too. But once you find some inspiration, everything will fall into place for your perfect prom night.