Mens hairstyles 2018Mens hairstyles 2018Are you in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to get the most from the latest in mens hairstyles 2018? If you’re frustrated, you might want a few suggestions. Let’s make this easy for you. You may not want to admit it, but you know your hairstyle means a lot to you. With good reason, it tells everybody who you are. Let’s make sure your new style expresses the correct message to the world while gaining you satisfaction and confidence.

The best results possible come from learning the names of cuts and styles you want to try and what they say.

Styling with Beards and Fades

Mens hairstyles with beards are trending right now. Fades look great with beards, especially if you leave the top some length. This cut states a business-like, intellectual look; while the beard offsets the top with the natural sexiness and rugged machismo associated with facial hair. It says to the world you are stable yet spontaneous enough to be a wildcard. Add in the bonus of being current. Have fun with it; mix and match lengths of both your hair and beard to your taste. Don’t forget your special lady’s taste.

Styles Worth Trying

  1. Fade and Taper
  2. Low, High, or Medium Fade
  3. Bald or Skin Fade

Medium Length Styles

Want to have a bit more for her to run her fingers through? No problem. Mens hairstyles medium hair cuts are just as popular while offering diversity. You’ll find this length caters to your styling needs on any given day. Frame out your face with the natural fall of your hair. Or, push it back for a casual, relaxed vibe. Medium length styles are fashionably sexy, but won’t limit you to one constant look.

Styles Worth Trying

  1. Undercut
  2. Pompadour
  3. Quiff
  4. Fringe
  5. Slicked Back
  6. Comb Over
  7. Side Part

Short Cut Styles

Fear not, if short hair is the way you absolutely must go, mens hairstyles short cuts are available and in vogue. Studies show women love men with short hair, finding it more masculine and attractive. This style is great, especially if looking neat and kept are your status quo. It’s also simple and easy to manage.

Styles Worth Trying

  1. Buzz Cut
  2. Crew Cut
  3. Faux Hawk

Just remember, mens hairstyles 2018 define each individual soul’s everyday expressions. It’s recommended you try different styles often. Try to capture your current mood and let the world know you’re here. Make your mark today. Own your soul’s expression and do it with your hair.

Short mens hairstyles 2018

Short mens hairstyles 2018Short mens hairstyles 2018Summertime is here, and many of us are looking for the best short mens hairstyles. Hairstylists are really upping their game with fades that are tighter than ever and unique hairstyles to fit just about anyone. Here’s a few hairstyles for those looking for something new this season.

Short men curly hairstyles

The ivy league crew cut came to be at, you guessed it, ivy league schools in the 1920s. This is great for those looking for short men curly hairstyles. It gives you the clean and short lines that are hallmark features of the crew cut and also allows you to show off those beautiful curly locks. When you style this cut, use a gel or pomade to keep the look in place.

The Fade

A traditional fade is great for those who are looking for a mens hairstyle short sides will keep your look fresh and clean and its extremely easy to style. For those who want their fade short, make sure you tell your barber to keep the sides and back at 1 and then fade it from there! Finishing with a matte pomade really gives a great finished look.

When looking for mens hairstyles, short sides are often one of the requirements to keep cool during the warmer months. A faux hawk is great for this, and the easy to style nature ensures that you will be looking together on even the hottest days. This is great for any type of hair: straight, curly, or wavy. Just throw some pomade or gel in it after your shower and your ready to go.

Short mens hairstyles 2018 are easy to come by, but it is important that you choose one that fits your style needs and looks great with your face structure. One of the best communication methods you can have with your hairstylist is pictures, so bring one with you for inspiration and so they know exactly what you want your end result to be.