Medium hairstyles 2018Short hair and long tresses get a lot of love, but medium length hair doesn’t have to be boring or forgettable! In many ways, medium hairstyles 2018 hit the sweet spot of being long enough to style in versatile ways, but short enough to keep healthy and styled without too much fuss. Read on for the best tips for getting and styling the perfect medium cut.

Get a Great Cut

When you go to a stylist asking for a mid-length cut, know your own hair type and how it behaves when wet and dry. Straight hair will probably stay about the same length when wet or dry, so you can ask for layers that start at your chin and angle away from your face, with the back hitting around your shoulders. Medium hairstyles for curly hair are a little more tricky, as your curls could shrink when dry, or lengthen if you blow them straight. For the most styling options, ask your stylist to cut it all shoulder length, but ask for thinning below the chin to keep your profile sleek, not bushy.

Play With Color

Color is a fun way to play with a shoulder length style. Consider medium haircut color ideas that are a little edgier, such as an ombre fade or an under layer in hot pink or blue. If your taste runs more traditional, ask for bailage, the hand painted highlights that will give your new style a trendy but classic shine. Not sure if you’re ready for permanent color changes? Play around with a semi-permanent wash that can play up your natural color with a color boost that washes out in a few weeks.

Medium hairstyles 2018Frame Your Face

Once you’ve got your hair cut and styled, it will show off your best features in your face. The mid-length cut frames the face better than a short ‘do, so play up your strengths by trying out new makeup ideas for medium hair that emphasize your eyes. Liquid liner and colored mascara is on point this year, especially if you’re going more neutral with color in your hair. Shimmery, light lips work best when your hair is down, as the eye with already be drawn to your mouth by layering and movement of your hair. If you’re planning to pull your hair away from your face and up into a sleek ponytail, however, feel free to play with brighter lips and a more muted eye palate.

Medium hairstyles 2018 are lots of fun and give you the maximum amount of style choices for cut, color, and makeup. By tailoring your cut to suit your face shape and hair texture, you can find a shoulder-length style perfect for both every day casual looks and dressed up fashion.